FAQs – What is Divorce Mediation?

FAQs – What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is an alternative to court litigation.   It’s a more cost-effective way for two married people or formerly married people to resolve disputes that arise as they separate their lives.

With the assistance of a knowledgeable third party called a “mediator” the couples work through the issues of their divorce and reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

The mediator then puts the couple’s agreement in writing for them to sign.  Successfully mediating disputes of divorcing or divorced couples saves a couple thousands of dollars in litigation costs that often arise in contested divorce litigation when couples hire two attorney’s to litigate their marital disputes.

How Do I Find a Divorce Mediator?

1) By visiting our site, Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation, you have already located one divorce mediator.  We offer two types of flat fee divorce mediation that each result in a complete written agreement when the mediation process is completed.  We offer a modern On-Line and paperless mediation process for $1,125.00 and an in-office mediation process for couples for $1,500.00.  Each mediation process can start with a deposit of as little as $240.00.  Our process offers parties a Free, initial mediation session.

2) If your case is already in Court, New York court staff also can be asked for a referral to a court-based mediation program, if your case is already in court. Most court programs offer parties a free, initial mediation session, followed by reduced-fee follow-up sessions.

3) You can also check with your local Community Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC). Most CDRCs offer free mediation of parenting disputes. For help to resolve financial or other aspects of divorce (e.g., support, property and debt division), couples can ask for a referral list of trained, divorce mediators who can take cases on a fee-for-service basis.

4) Contact the New York State Unified Court System’s. Collaborative Family Law Center. The Center offers free divorce mediation to qualifying couples living in New York City. If you and your spouse are eligible, you may get up to four, 90-minute sessions with program mediators (or six sessions, if you have children). Both spouses must agree to participate. Note: Referrals to divorce mediation will not be made in cases involving domestic violence or child abuse or where one spouse cannot locate the other.

5) Check with professional dispute resolution associations.

Please call us if you have any Questions about our Divorce Mediation Process, 1-716-404-4140 ext. 2 or 1-888-256-1404 ext. 2