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One to threeVacantApartmentCommercialOfficeOtherCondoCoop

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Conditions of Conveyance

YesNo - Conveyance of a Fee Interest.
YesNo - Conveyance pursuant to Divorce or Separation.
YesNo - Other Conditions of Conveyance.

Yes Acquisition of a Controlling Interest

Yes Transfer of a Controlling Interest

Yes Conveyance of a Co-Op Housing Corp.
Yes Conveyance in lieu of Forclosure
Yes Mere Change of Id. Attach TP-584.1-F
Yes Claim Credit of Prepaid Tax. Attach TP-584.1-F
Yes Conveyance of Co-Op Apt.
Yes Syndication
Yes Conveyance of Air Rights
Yes Contract Assignment
Yes Option Assignment or Surrender
Yes Leasehold Assignment or Surrender
Yes Leasehold Grant
Yes Conveyance of Easement
Yes Conveyance for which Exemption Claimed
Yes Conveyance of Property Partly Outside of State
Yes Other

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Is a Condo No1 Yes

New Construction or Vacant Land No1 Yes

Agricultural District No1 Yes

Received a Notice in Agricultural District No1 Yes

Unusual factors affect sale price? No1Yes

Sale Between Relatives 1 Yes
Sale Between Related Companies 1 Yes
A Buyer is also a Seller 1 Yes
Buyer is a Government Agency 1 Yes
Deed Not Warranty Deed 1 Yes
Sale of Fractional or Less Than Fee Interest 1 Yes
Significant Change in Property 1 Yes
1 Yes
Other Unusual Factors Affecting Sale Price 1 Yes