Mobile Notary and Closing Agents

Many Notary entrepreneurs are interested in offering general mobile Notary services as well as working as Signing Agents — but they are not the same. This guide will help you compare and understand the roles of Mobile Notaries and Notary Signing Agents.

Requirements: Must have a Notary commission.

Services performed: Mobile Notaries travel to the customer’s location to perform notarizations. They may charge up to the maximum fee set by state law for notarization services. In some states, they may also charge a separate travel fee for traveling to the customer’s location.

Where Mobile Notaries can offer services: Mobile Notaries may offer services in any U.S. state where they hold a Notary commission.

Requirements: Must have a Notary commission. Must be background screened and certified to meet compliance requirements for companies the Signing Agent performs assignments for. Requires a Title Insurance License, Closing Agent License or other special licensing in certain states.